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21 Oct 2016

Third Annual Davis Cup Classic

Davis Cup 2016 countries: Australia, Sweden, Jamaica, Canada and Texas for all you secessionists!

The Falls Tennis & Athletic Club is proud to present the Third Annual Davis Cup Classic benefiting the Junior League of Lubbock’s Food2Kids Program. This year’s event will be held November 11-13 and will feature five countries battling against each other in a round robin team format to determine the 2016 Falls Davis Cup Team Champions. Each country will consist of one doubles team from each of the six flights of play plus an Open level mixed team.

Doubles teams in each flight (flights read left to right and teams from top to bottom on the scoreboard) will play five 10-game sets using no ad scoring. We will use the 12-point tiebreaker at nine games all (first team to win seven points by a two point margin). The winner of each doubles match will earn one point for their country. At the end of the tournament the country with the most matches won will win the championship and the doubles team with the best win/loss record wins the flight.

If it is ever necessary to use a substitute in the event then the matches played by the sub will count but the doubles team using the sub will not be eligible to win their respective flight. Subs should be the same level as the player being replaced and should be approved by the tournament desk prior to play.

The Calcutta will be held at 7:00 pm Thursday evening through Friday evening.

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