Pool Rules & Guest Policy

Pool Rules:
  1. Members Must Present Their Membership ID Cards Upon Entry.
  2. No Outside Food or Drink is Allowed On Club Premises (Except for Cabana or Private Parties; Party Cakes and Drinks are Allowed).
  3. No One Under The Age Of 18 Is Allowed In The Pool Unless Lifeguards Are On Duty. Children Under The Age Of 8 Must Be Accompanied By An Adult Age 18 Or Older. Children Ages 8-12 May Be At The Pool Without Adult Supervision Only If The Adult Remains On The Club Premises. Members Ages 13 & Older Are Allowed In The Pool Without Adult Supervision.
  4. No One Under The Age Of 13 Is Allowed In The Dry Sauna’s Under Any Circumstances. Members Ages 13-17 Must Be Accompanied By A Parent.
  5. A Parent Or Adult Guardian Must Remain At The Baby Pool Area At All Times To Supervise Younger Swimmers.
  6. A Cover-Up And Shoes Are Required While Inside The Building (Other Than In The Locker Area).
  7. No Running, Dunking, Pushing, Towel Snapping, Playing On Ladders, Throwing Objects, Excessive Splashing, Carrying A Person On Another’s Shoulders, Or Any Other Unsafe Practices While At The Pool.
  8. No Back Flips, Handstands, Or Cartwheels Off The Diving Board Or The Pool Deck.
  9. No Diving In Shallow End.
  10. One (1) Person On Diving Board At A Time.
  11. No Smoking Allowed In Pool Area.
  12. No Alcohol Allowed On The Premises
  13. Stay Off The Divider Rope.
  14. Life Jackets Are Permitted In Pool.
  15. Cut-Offs Or Athletic Shorts Are Not To Be Worn In The Pools. Children 3 & Under Must Wear Plastic Pants, Rubber Pants, Or Swim Diapers In The Pools. Disposable Diapers Are Not Permitted.
  16. Towels Located In The Club Are Not For Pool Use. Swimmers Must Bring Their Own Towels.
  17. Abuse Of Pool Equipment And Use Of Profanity Are Not Permitted In Any Areas Of The Pool Or The Club.
  18. Adult Members Are Allowed To Use The Pool During Normal Club Operating Hours (Except Mondays for Shock Treatment). Swim At Your Own Risk.
Pool Guest Policy:
  1. Members Must Register Their Guests And Pay Applicable Guest Fees ($10 Per Guest) Before Entry. *anyone Not Listed On A Club Membership Agreement Is Considered A Guest.
  2. Guests Must Enter The Club With A Member And Leave The Club When The Member Leaves. Members Are Responsible For Their Guests While They Are At The Club.
  3. A Member May Bring A Maximum Of 5 Guests Per Day.