Gravity EFX Equipment

The Falls Is Proud to Be the Only Fitness Facility in Lubbock to Offer GRAVITY Training!

Gravity Group

Is a series of high intensity muscular endurance exercises that are designed to provide time-efficient, effective, full body workouts. The 60 minute class focuses on muscle group isolation along with multi-functional compound movements, challenging muscular strength and endurance while including unique core and stretching exercises. The wide variety of exercises and the freedom of a dynamic pulley system allow for enhanced muscle development, core integration, and increased joint range of motion (aka flexibility). The use of body weight as the resistance against gravity produces an individualized workout environment that one can progressively increase in intensity as strength and performance improve.

Advanced sign-up is required, and is on a first come first serve basis. There is no charge for existing members.

Call the Member Services Desk for more information and to make your reservations today! (806) 687-6080