Personal Training in Lubbock

Every new member at The Falls Tennis & Athletic Club receives a FREE personal training session to get acquainted with our services and programs. We'll assign you a certified trainer -- or you can select from our roster -- for focused sessions and a personalized fitness experience. If you're new to the gym, your personal trainer will help you identify your current fitness level, decide on attainable fitness goals, and create an effective workout plan to reach those goals. Your trainer will hold you accountable, encourage and support you, and coach you along the way to RESULTS! Even regular gym-goers can benefit from personal training to keep routines exciting, fresh, and results-driven. Are you ready? It's up to you! Meet the personal trainers at our Lubbock health club:

Dee Knapp

N.A.S.M. Certified Trainer

Email: Phone: 713-385-7702

Elizabeth Reed

N.A.S.M. Certified Trainer

Email: Phone: 806-441-2575

Brian Valigura

Email: Phone: 806-789-2529

Angie Labaj

Email: Phone: 806-786-7654

Rachael Givens

Email: Phone: 806-438-5129