Club News

The Falls first Party-In-Pink was a great success thanks to all the volunteers from our very own group fitness staff! Our guest of honor was Emily Rider. She is in a wheelchair with MS, and has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Her daughters are members of The Falls. Emily has just started radiation treatments. We were all so pleased to discover that Emily was able to get her heart rate up by participating in POUND!


The Falls members truly stepped up with the opportunity to donate to this cause. Donations were pouring in all week, before the party even started! I heard so many comments of how they were happy to donate to an individual in need rather than to a national foundation. One gentleman from our gravity class donated $100! I am so pleased to share that we were able to raise $555.00 to help Emily with her medical bills!


The fitness & fellowship paired with generosity and sacrifice resulted in warm smiles, tears of gratitude, sweaty faces and full hearts.


This truly was a shining moment for The Falls. I have a strong feeling we have started a wonderful tradition!


Dee Knapp
Fitness Director