Cancellation Policy

Open-ended Cancellations:

You are considered “open-ended” after the 12 payments of your current agreement have been met, and you are paying month-to-month. You may cancel your agreement at anytime, for any reason, after you satisfy your 12 payments so long as you give a 30 day notice via email to You have a 30 day grace period to return to The Club after cancellation. If you reinstate your membership within the 30 days, you will pay the current membership rates, but will not be subject to an enrollment fee. If you come back at anytime after the grace period, you are considered a new member and are subject to paying the current membership rates, and a full enrollment.


You may cancel your agreement due to move, as long as the following conditions are met: You send a 30 day notice of cancellation via email to, and provide an acceptable proof of move. You must be current on your dues, and not owe any account balance to The Club. You agree to pay a $75 cancellation fee before membership cancellation can be processed. Acceptable forms of proof include lease agreement or copy of signed contract on new home, any bill that ties you to the new home address (electric, gas, etc), or a receipt from USPS of forwarded mail to new address. The relocation must be more than 30 miles from The Club.


Medical cancellations while in agreement are subject to the following conditions: You must present a letter from your medical provider (on legitimate documentation), or you or your medical provider must email a scanned copy to, stating that you are medically disabled, and will no longer be able to use the facility within the term of your original agreement. You agree to pay a $75 cancellation fee, you must be current on your dues, and not have an account balance with The Club. Cancellation will go into effect at the next billing period, as there are no prorated adjustments.

Note: Medical cancellations are available for INDIVIDUAL memberships only and do not apply to family or couple memberships (contract restructuring may be available for couple or family memberships, certain restrictions apply; see club associate for details). Medical cancellations are a courtesy service provided by the club, and are not required by law.  


Membership Freeze


While in agreement:

While in agreement, you may freeze for up to 2 months within your 12 monthly payments, with a signed Doctor’s note. You must bring the note into the club, email (scanned copy) to, or fax the Doctor’s note at least 14 days before your next payment drafts to 806-687-0000 attn. Mandi Valdez. We do not do backdated freezes. Freezes are only done 1 month at a time (we do not freeze by the week), and if you do two months they must be consecutive. You will continue to make payments during the freeze period, and the time under freeze will be added to the end of your agreement once you complete your 12 payments.


If you are open-ended (not under a current 12 month agreement), you may freeze your membership for up to 2 months within a 12 month period with a signed Doctor’s note. A copy of the Doctor’s note needs to be brought into the club, an emailed (scanned copy) sent to, or faxed to 806-687-6086 attn. Mandi Valdez at least 14 days before your next payment draft date. We do not do back dated freezes. The two months must be consecutive, and your payments and your membership will freeze during this time. If you are going to be out longer than 2 months, and wish to continue your membership at your current rate, you can sign a new 12 month agreement and freeze for up to 4 months consecutively. The new 12 month agreement would start after the maximum 4 months, and no other freezes would be allowed during the first 12 payments of that agreement. If you will be out for more then 4 months, we ask that you cancel your membership and return when you are able; but you will be required to pay enrollment and the current membership rates at that time.

Paid In Full:

If you have a medical condition that requires you to stop use of the club and have already paid for your membership in full, you will be allowed up to a maximum of 4 months to freeze your time and have it added to the end of your agreement.

Note: Membership freezes are available for INDIVIDUAL memberships only, and are not available for family or couple memberships. Membership freezes are a courtesy service provided by the club, and are not required by law. Membership freezes for temporary relocation or travel are not offered.